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06-17-2023 07:00

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ACP 200
Sunrise 6:03:24 AM Sunset 9:18:42 PM
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Lydia Trott
William Watts

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Pokagon State Park
450 Ln 100 Lake James,
angola, IN 46703

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ACP 200k - June 17th, 2023 7AM with 13 hr 30 min time allowance

A Real Doozy 200k starts just outside of Pokagon State Park. The park was originally called Lake James State Park when proposed to be the fifth Indiana State Park in 1925. The name was changed to Pokagon State Park to acknowledge the rich Native American heritage of the state and region. Leopold and Simon Pokagon were father and son and the last two most notable leaders of the Potawatomi. 

We highly recommend staying at the Pokagon State Park Inn or campground before and after the ride. The state park offers several activities for all ages of kids and adults. Alternatively, riders may choose to stay at a nearby inn many of which are rideable to the start.

The route first takes riders south towards Angola passing the west side of the city, weaving between lakes and streams. Continuing southwest, riders will pass through Ashley, “The Home of Smiley Face”. We promise you won’t miss why it’s called that! 

Auburn is the next city and the first control stop on the route at mile 29. Auburn is proudly known as “Home of the Classics” for their role in the early days of the automotive industry. Keep an eye out as you pass the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, you just may see some classics in the parking lot! 

Heading northeast, after a short 15 miles, riders will come to the next control in Butler, Indiana. One notable thing about Butler is it was the endpoint of a record setting speed for an American Rail. On July 23, 1966 a New York Central RDC-3, M-497 Black Beetle modified with a pair of jet engines raced from Stryker, Ohio on a straight and flat rail line reaching a top speed of 183.68 mph, a record that still stands today. Riders will briefly ride on the state line before officially entering Ohio and into a 157 acre Fish Creek and Wildlife Area. Riders will weave in and around farmlands to avoid gravel roads as they continue making their way east to the next control. 

Along the way they will briefly pass through Edgerton, Ohio and ride along the historic U.S. Route 6 which is the oldest, longest, and highest “old” road in the US. Route 6 is 3,652 miles long running coast to coast from Long Beach California to Provincetown, Massachusetts, covering 14 states and reaching a peak of 11,990 above sea level.  At mile 68, riders will encounter their third control in the city of Byran, Ohio and the lowest elevation of the route. Some of us carb loving souls usually opt for Little Caesars garlic bread for a lunch snack and munchies for the remainder of the ride. Byran is known for being home to the Spangler Candy Company, the world’s largest candy cane producer. However, the plants in Byran produce Dum Dum lollipops, Saf-T-Pops, and Marshmallow Circus Peanuts for Spangler. The second well known company is Etch A Sketch which was developed by the Ohio Art Company in town.  

Heading north, the route takes riders on the only paved roads leading to Michigan. Most of the elevation gain occurs on this selection and riders will feel like it's a never ending steady gentle climb. Entering Michigan, the lakes and streams appear again. The last control is mile 105 in Reading Michigan. The last section of the route gives riders several last photo opts with traditional Amish farmlands, buffalos at the Wild Winds Buffalo Preserve, and passing by multiple lakes and conservation areas. We highly recommend celebrating the end of the ride at 6 Autumns Food and Spirit, or Scoops Ice Cream.

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6/18/23 01:26 AM

Well planned route!