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  • The Columbus Double Loop 600K06-25-2022 05:004 Registered

    02-15-2022 21:48
    06-22-2022 06:00
    ACP 600
    Sunrise at 6:16:46 AM Sunset at 9:18:51 PM

    Lydia Trott
    William Watts

    Get me there
    Day's Inn
    3445 Jonathan Moore Pike
    Columbus, IN

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    Overnight Ride

    This 600K consists of two loops, a 400K and a 200K, both of which start and end at the Day's Inn in Columbus, Indiana.  Riders may choose to sleep between the two loops or ride straight through.

    The 400K loop is identical to the 400K brevet, and takes riders through Bloomington, Bedford, Jasper, French Lick, Salem and Seymour before returning to Columbus.  The terrain on this part of the ride is quite varied, and includes heavily wooded areas in the Hoosier National Forest and extensive farmland.  There is quite a bit of climbing between Beford and Jaspeer.

    The 200K loop is a traingular in shape, and goes first to Batesville and then to Seymour and then back to Columbus.  Unlike the 400K loop, this loop is more uniform, and takes in mostly farmland.  Apart from the occasional desccent down to a creekbed and back out, there is relatively little climbing on this route.  It can, however, be quite windy.  With very few exceptions the roads on this route are quite, and away from heavy traffic.  There are relatively few services on the 400K between controls, and there are even fewer services on the 200K rourte, so it will be important to stock up at controls.

Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of Sunrise-Sunset.org